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Qualifying for the Barbering and Cosmetology License as an Immigrant

Challenges Faced by Immigrants in Securing an education in the USA


   School in America is awesome, but getting in can be tricky, especially if you're new here. Tests like the TOEFL are like bouncers, checking if you speak English well enough. Proving you went to school back home can be a puzzle, and sometimes only certain schools accept newcomers. It is tough, but we can help. We provide an approach that means you do not have to stress. 

  1.  No need to take the TOEFL

  2.  No need to master English before you start

  3.  No need to to provide your high school transcripts

We are here to help you get started on your journey to becoming a licensed professional in the USA. We have helped many students like you, and we are ready to help you too. 



       How BSBCA Accommodates You

   At BSBCA, your dreams of becoming a barber or cosmetologist in the USA take center stage, not your paperwork! We understand the challenges immigrants face – navigating exams, proving foreign credentials, and finding a welcoming community. That's why we say 'yes' even without your ATB test information. We'll work with you to find alternative ways to demonstrate your skills and potential, paving the path to your licensure.

Imagine learning alongside classmates from all walks of life, guided by instructors who speak your language and share your cultural experiences. Our diverse student and faculty body fosters a supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to flourish. Bilingual classes ensure you never miss a beat, and our dedicated career services team helps you navigate the licensure process with confidence.

Embrace the possibilities! At BSBCA, we're here to turn your passion into a thriving career, one strand at a time. Contact us today and let's make your American dream a beautiful reality!


      How to Get Started

   Ready to unlock your potential as a barber or cosmetologist? Here's how to get started at BSBCA:

  1.  Check class availability

  2.  Check Your Eligibility

  3.  Unlock Your Financial Aid Potential

  4.  Apply Today

Bonus Tip: Don't have all your paperwork ready yet? No worries! Just submit the form with what you have, and our team will be happy to help you gather the rest.

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